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Grand Opening 08-04-2024

We have observed that the high season Mu Online community is still growing daily, with an increasing number of players accessing this version. If they don't play on this Mu, they will seek other Mu servers to play because simply Mu Online is also a form of entertainment - come for fun, leave when bored. To continue sustainable development and reach more Mu Online Season 19 players worldwide, seeking new forces strong enough - enough and competitive enough, we are pleased to introduce to all players a new project called - MythicMu.

MythicMu will be the new server representing the new generation in the Mu Online community. Initiating a new direction in 2024, the new server cluster is maintained and developed on the latest version available on the market - Mu Online Season 19.


Basic server information:
START - 08.04.2024
11:00 Brazil, Argentina
14:00 UK
15:00 Spain, Poland, Hungary, Czechia
16:00 Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey
21:00 Vietnam, Thailand

EXP: x5000
Reset Stats: Free (at Lorencia Bar)
Maximum level: Highest of the version
Character creation: Level 1
Auto-Ingame: Level 1
Mana Shop: 250/1
HP Shop: 250/1
Skills: Fully available at NPC (Ruud skills not for sale)
Personal Store: Zen equivalent to WCoin
Online GP Reception - 15 minutes receive 1 GP

Some outstanding points on the server:
Event participation limit: 6 times
Elemental Rune not be sold with zen (New update from Webzen - Elemental Rune will appear in events and boss fights.
Gemstone only drops from Maya event's final boss (x30) (New update from Webzen - Jewel of Harmony can be obtained from mini bosses and additional events on the server.
Players need to craft Seed Spheres through various types of Jewel, Ancient items, and Exc items .
Can use both Talisman of Luck and Talisman of Chaos Assembly when combining items.
Remove Horn of Dinorant - items have been removed from Webzen for quite some time.
Apply the flinch system during reflect during PVP.
Talisman of Chaos Assembly, Talisman of Luck, Elemental Talisman of Chaos, Elemental Talisman of Luck, as well as some other important items, will not be available in the Cash Shop but will appear in events (Chaos Card, Miracle Coin).
Item OPT system: OPT 16 instead of OPT 28

Newbie gifts when creating a character:
Level 180 attribute book - Iron Shield
Pet, and Ring Panda with a 30-day usage period
EXL set + mana/hp, weapon + mana/hp

When coming to MythicMU, it will always be unique points, unique gameplay that has never appeared in the Mu Online market. Perhaps in the future, you will encounter servers copied exactly like MythicMU but the joy and first experience will only be at MythicMU. Join, experience, play to the fullest, and who knows, you will stick with MythicMU forever! 

Posted 06-04-2024
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    Currently this is only one server.